The full experience

The full experience


In todays post I really wanted to share my love for shopping. And by that I mean in a physical store rather than online. With online shopping becoming more and more popular I cant help but feel sad for the traditional, bricks and mortar type shops.

There’s just something about walking into a beautiful space that has been filled with beautiful clothes, all lined up neatly, waiting for you to take a browse. It’s the whole experience of finding the store, engaging in conversation with the staff, enjoying the space, trying the clothes on, watching them get wrapped up delicately and then carrying a lovely little bag home that pleases me most. And if im being honest, online shopping just doesn’t live up to that experience?

I mean don’t get me wrong, it completely depends on where you shop. For instance I couldn’t imagine anything worse than entering a Zara store on a Saturday afternoon however for me and where I tend to shop, the experience is usually pleasant, maybe this is something other stores need to stride towards to keep up with the online retail world?

I guess online shopping is great for convenience but if i’m paying a considerable amount of money for something, something i’ve saved for, for ages then I want the full experience, the full shabang.


I also really enjoy speaking to the staff who either work at the store or are the founders. For me it’s important to get to know the brand I’m wearing as well as the people / makers behind it, so that I can feel more connected as a consumer. With online shopping, you just don’t get that same contact which I think is really important in a fast pace online world.


Photography by Jake Milers



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