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Manchester has been absolutely glorious recently and I'm enjoying it so much. Although it wouldn't be Manchester without a few rain days here and there, even during this 'heat wave' were having. 

I think the most essential wardrobe piece to own as a Mancunian is a waterproof jacket. You just never know... it could be clear blue skies and then before you know it, it's lashing it down without any warning. Typical Manchester. 

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Stutterheim has been on my radar for some time now. Ever since my friend purchased a jacket from them. And I couldn't believe it when they contacted me and offered me one of their rain coats! (gifted.) Just as an FYI, they didn't ask me to feature them in this post, I chose to because I really love their designs and quality and will always & only share things I truly love. 

I went for the 'Stockholm' in potato (in keeping with my usual colour palette) and am wearing a size XXS - I'd say they fit rather over sized but found that the XXS fit me perfect (I'm usually a size S).

It's handmade beautifully making it a really good quality, functional and timeless addition to your autumn winter wardorbe.  

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Now, onto the main focus of today's post... The new Pollen Bakery.

This. place. Is. Amazing. 

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Manchester is growing so much as a city, with a vast amount of cool new spots opening left right and centre. Pollen being one of them.

This is pollen's second bakery in Manchester, located just a short walk out of northern quarter. The space is huge, with exposed concrete walls, and large windows which let in floods of light, the smell of fresh pastries and homemade bread fills the air.

And they also do the best brownies! Sticky not cakey.

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Introducing Meru. For all my fellow dog lovers, Meru is always at Pollen and gives the best cuddles.

Instagram handles: @pollenbakery  @stutterheim

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Photography by Jake Millers

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