At the beginning of this month I took myself and Jake on a special birthday trip to Budapest (It was Jakes 20th Birthday) this is something thats become a yearly thing for us now. Rather than buying each other gifts such as clothing we take each other away, giving us the chance to spend quality time together whilst also exploring a new place. I think we're both really lucky in that we both share a deep love for travel. As well as valuing experiences and time spent together, more so than actual possessions. And of course, as we imagined, it was a beautiful trip. 

Budapest has been on our 'To do List' for some time now, seeing various people on instagram visiting and their lovely images we thought it would be an amazing place to celebrate Jakes birthday. 




Shoes on the Danube Bank


Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Luckily, our time in Budapest was blessed with gorgeous weather. Which I just think makes a city break alot more enjoyable. It means you can explore the city more, and enjoy everything it has to offer without worrying about getting wet!

On our second day we visited Szechenyi Thermal Baths. Which was the highlight of the trip. It's a must if you're in Budapest. Szechenyi is the biggest and most popular in Budapest and has 18 pools for you to enjoy (both in door and outdoor) as well as a gym, saunas and massage treatments. We took a towel each and just sunbathed for the whole day.  We decided to pay when we got there, I think we waited for around 15mins to get inside, as it was absolutely packed due to the nice weather. But you can buy a "skip the line" ticket for around Β£15




View from Buda Castle


Fishermans Bastion




Chain Bridge


Mazel Tov

If there's anything you take away from this post then be it this place! I've been craving this food everyday since being back. It was that good we went twice during our trip. 

Located in the Jewish Quarter it has the most beautiful interior, great service and out-of-this-world food. Luckily we didn't have to reserve a table however I think I would recommend doing; after 18:00 it gets super busy!



Szimpla Kert

What a bizarre and wonderful place this was...

Szimpla Kert is Budapest's most famous ruin bar. What was once an old factory ruin is now a huge open-air pub and cinema, decorated with graffiti art, mirrors, art work, fairy lights and bicycle wheels, it has a sort of 'hippy' vibe and is a great place to embrace Hungarian culture as well as have a good cheap drink. 



Hats off to the chief because this was hands down the best breakfast we had whilst in Budapest! However, and that's a big however, our experience here was shocking. The staff were extremely rude, practically ignored you and we had to ask for our bill 5 times  before actually receiving it. Once we had received it we waited 20mins for our change, change that they wasn't actually going to give us (we had to ask for it) because they presumed it was a 'tip' - Don't get me wrong it's located in a lovely spot, with a nice seating area outside and the food was fantastic but I think they need to teach their staff some manners. Any how, I think it is worth a visit purely for the food & I'm not one for a rant but I think it's important to share my true experience with you! 


Margaret Island - Japanese garden

Located on Margaret Island (northern side), is this beautiful, tranquil Japanese garden. Filled with amazing wild life, plants and trees's it's the perfect place to just unwind and enjoy the sunshine. The Island itself is huge and has so much to offer, including musical fountain, outdoor waterpark, thermal springs, and miles of peaceful greenery. 

Budapest is a very beautiful city. Filled with spectacular architecture, great tourist spots and amazing food! I hope you found this post helpful, you can also visit my Budapest story on instagram @jessealexandra


Photography by Myself and Jake Millers