A couple of months back me and Jake visited Krakow in Poland. For a few days to unwind, explore and learn. Another beautiful city that was consumed by history, culture and astonishing architecture..  

We decided not to take as many pictures as usual, simply because we wanted to enjoy each others company and take in as much of the city as we could, without stopping every two seconds for an insta shot. We chose to be much more selective when it came to taking images and made sure that every image we did take was beautiful and gave justice to this stunning city. 

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Wesola Cafe

A cute little cafe with a welcoming atmosphere. Centrally located, it has a cosy interior and an amazing courtyard covered in greenery. 

You can fill your face with a platter like brunch of cheese, eggs, bread or cakes. 

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If your looking for a french style breakfast then this is the spot! The menu is built around the home made bread, jam and cakes - all accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice, great coffee or wine. 


Krakow Square

Located in the old town of Krakow this place has floods of culture and history. With traditional buildings on every corner, endless amounts of restaurant all with outdoor tables and the famous  Cloth Hall (the first shopping centre in the world)

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Wawel Castle

A symbol of national pride, Wawel castle is a must visit whilst in Krakow. Perched on top of a hill, south of Krakow old town, this beautiful place is an architects dream. 

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A very overwhelming and harrowing experience. Nevertheless it was somewhere I've always wanted to visit, somewhere I believe everyone should go; to show their respect. 

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Photography by Myself and Jake Millers